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Any employer in travel, tourism and hospitality is very welcome to join our initiative! There are two simple steps to the process:


Renewable Membership

We ask that you commit to a one year renewable membership fee (as little as £500 depending on your turnover) which in return will give you access to all these benefits:

  1. Recognised as gender balanced and CSR focussed employer
  3. Access to diverse female talent, selected and screened by travel, tourism and hospitality specialist Women in Travel CIC
  4. Access to employers’ open day
  5. Right to interview women
  6. First refusal on employing women returners
  7. Listing on website with logo
  8. Coaching and mentoring skills training for employees yearly
  9. Networking events (2 x yearly)
  10. Dedicated social media support

The membership fee enables women in Travel CIC to administer the Women Returners programme; promote, recruit and train the women. We have carefully determined its value depending on company’s turnover as we want to encourage as many businesses as possible –even the smaller ones – to take it up!

Please contact us for the full list of fees or find them by downloading the powerpoint presentation


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Start finding candidates

If you have joined the Women in Travel CIC’s Women Returners programme as a corporate partner you can then gain access to our open days and training programme to begin to identify female candidates that would be suitable for your organisations.

Ideally you will engage in the training programme(s) because:

  1. You have live vacancies that you hope to be able to fill by employing returners
  2. You are always happy to consider available talent and may craft a specific role should a particularly suitable candidate step forward.
  3. You are seeking to provide one or more candidates with paid internship (between 3 and 6 months), ideally as a stepping stone to full time recruitment

As employer you are asked to interview the candidates but you are clearly under no obligation to employ. As and when you do, we kindly ask you to support 2 basic requests:

  1. You pay the candidates a London living wage, so they can in turn keep a stable roof over their heads;
  2. You provide the candidate with a buddy / mentor internally so they quickly gain confidence in their abilities to navigate the organisation and do the job effectively. We help you with this by providing free mentoring training to some of your employees on a yearly basis.

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Recruitment Fees

As employer you pay Women in Travel CIC:

  • 10% of the candidate’s first year salary – when you employ a woman returner following the programme and she accepts your offer in writing
  • 12.5% of the candidate’s first year salary when you employ a woman returner following an internship period [temp to perm] and she accepts your offer in writing

No fee is payable when you first offer an internship to the candidate so the London living wage you pay goes 100% to the candidate.

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